5 Tips What to Do If a Window in a New House Has Not Passed the Quality Test

As in any business, there are many peculiarities in installing plastic windows. It is impossible to consider all of them in one article. However, for more than half a century of the existence of the plastic window, extensive statistics have been collected on installation errors. In this article, we will tell you about the most common mistakes, and explain what to do if a window has not passed the quality test.


The Most Common Mistakes

Unfortunately, mistakes most often occur due to the rush. Installers may skip important steps just to get the job done quickly. After all, they receive payment only for the fact of installing the window, while problems appear in the more or less distant future. Therefore, no one is more interested in the correct installation of windows than the owner of the house or apartment.

The installation of a plastic window takes place in three stages:

  1. Preparing the aperture for installation;
  2. Installation of the window frame;
  3. Sealing of seams and joints.

Then the installation of window sills, finishing the slopes and other tasks are performed. These works can be postponed and completed along with the rest of the decoration of the room.

So, major mistakes can be done at all stages. On the uneven and dirty surface, the sealing materials simply will not stick: polyurethane foam will not fill in too large holes, and will not stick to dusty surfaces. If everything is more or less obvious with the preparation of the aperture, then it will be more difficult for a non-professional to identify a properly installed window from hackwork. The poor tightness of the profile can allow the rainwater to leak there, causing corrosion and destruction of the metal profile.


What to Do If a Window Has not Passed the Quality Test?

1) First of all, try to find those who performed the installation and try to explain to them the possible reasons for the defect and your suspicions.

2) If all the attempts to establish communication failed, proceed to writing a claim. Make a plan of requirements, and clearly formulate them. Find the main flaw in the work or the service and focus on it.

3) The most important point is compensation for damage. After all, poor-quality installation of plastic windows often leads to expensive repairs and replacement of damaged parts.

4) The claim must be accompanied by documents proving the company’s involvement in the sale and installation of windows (receipts, contract, etc.).

5) If the company does not respond to your claim, you can add one more column to the list of requirements — the costs of litigation and go to the court.

This quick guide is for those who have poorly installed windows: now you know what to do and how to behave in an unpleasant situation. Here is the last advice: never contact the one-day companies, choose only trusted and reliable contractors. Good luck!

Author: Brittney

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