What Factors Should Be Considered When Replacing Old Windows With New Ones

When choosing a plastic window almost everyone is only interested in the profile, its brand, basic characteristics, and price. Meanwhile, a few people ask about glass, fittings, and whether there is reinforcement inside. Taking into account that you are purchasing for many years, there is no need to rush here. Take your time to consider all the important factors when replacing old windows with new ones.


Main Characteristics to Check

  1. Glazing

This is one of the main elements of a modern plastic window. Many window characteristics, for example, noise level or light transmission, depend precisely on the glass unit installed in the profile. The most popular are considered single-chamber and two-chamber units. The more air chambers there are, the higher the soundproofing and thermal insulation properties.

  1. Profiles for windows

Profiles are made of PVC materials, which contain salt and petroleum products. Polyvinyl chloride is a unique plastic material that is resistant to corrosion and changes in atmospheric pressure.

  1. Fittings

The functionality of the installed window during the entire period of operation depends on its quality. The sturdier the fittings are, the fewer problems await you in the future.

  1. Price

The cost of plastic windows is an important factor that you should pay attention to when choosing. With all the savings, it must be remembered that quality is determined by the price of the product. If the price of a window is significantly lower than at competitors, then the quality will be appropriate.

  1. Sound insulation

One of the cheapest and most common ways to improve sound insulation is the installation of multi-chamber double-glazed windows. The distance between the glasses inside will differ. You can also install thickened glass, while their thickness should be also different. A difficult but effective way is to fill the interglass space with a special gas.

  1. Design

The variety of coatings makes it possible to create designs of various colors and shades — from classic white to imitation of valuable wood species.

After purchasing the windows, you will definitely be offered an installation service. Do not try to install them yourself. The future of new windows depends on the correct installation. If the window structure is installed in the wrong way, then the glass will start to “sweat”, or water from the street will leak. Even delivery must be performed on a specialized machine, as the windows must be transported vertically.


In Conclusion

When choosing a window, it is better to purchase a triple energy-saving unit, covered with a special membrane. The quality of the fittings is also important: the sashes should not allow air to pass through, and the seams and joints should be tightly sealed. The installation of the window carried out following all the rules, is a guarantee of the long service life of both the frame and the glass unit.

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