How to Choose Elite Doors: Expert Advice

In recent years, more things have become “elite”. Along with elite housing, vehicles, smartphones, laptops, and clothes, doors hold their own place. By elite doors is usually meant a reliable and distinctive in design construction, installed into a doorway. According to the minimum consumer standards, doors must be very reliable, easy to open, and durable. In this article, we will introduce you to the main criteria that should be followed.


Elite Doors from A to Z

Almost all large stores offer elite doors of domestic and foreign production. Among the foreign models, the best is considered Italian, English, Israeli, and German. Besides, you can always order a door of the required type and configuration.

The modern concept of “steel entrance doors from the manufacturer” includes:

  • a door with a profile;
  • porch and jamb;
  • accessories and fittings.

The main purpose of the installation is to protect the home from intruders and thieves, noise, and cold. Strength and reliability are provided by:

  • a steel frame and stiffeners;
  • strong steel sheets with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters.

The main safety factors are the thickness of the structure, which should be more than 45 millimeters, and have reliable locks.

Finally, when buying a door, you must get a certificate. As a rule, it specifies 1 of 4 possible levels of protection, which coincide with the security requirements. Opening such a door will be a very difficult task, even for professionals. The door of any model must have a certificate detailing compliance with the specified standards. Experts do not recommend paying attention to the universal certificate, which sellers are trying to issue as a “quality guarantor.”


What Makes the Door Elite?

An elite door cannot be hollow — it must have insulation (polypropylene, mineral wool, and other heat and sound insulating materials). There is no consensus on whether a door should be heavy or light. Some think that elite doors are reliable due to thick steel sheets. However, most of the imported products are made of light alloy steel — and it is very difficult to crack it.

An elite door is necessarily decorated with rich finishing materials. Artificial leather or powder coating is used as inexpensive and simple options. However, a really solid look is made by decorative panels of various materials — from veneer to solid walnut, beech, mahogany. Sometimes MDF board is used, which is an environmentally friendly material. Finishing panels can have different textures: the natural veneer of valuable wood species, granite, or bronze.

If the front door is chosen to enter directly from the street, then the coating is selected considering weather conditions. In this case, the preference is given to solid oak or various polymer coverings.



Remember that the first impression of the owner comes from the door — the hallmark of the house. It is only important to be fully aware of what exactly you want to get in the end.


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