Types of Entrance Doors: Which One Should Be Preferred?

A front door is the first thing that guests see and your main protection from robbers. Therefore, the choice of the front door should be approached with attention, taking into account all the recommendations of specialists, as well as quality standards. If you are looking for a good option for your house, you should primarily study the assortment of goods available in the market.


The Variety of Front Doors

It is necessary to consider the main types of entrance doors, as well as to learn their characteristics. In particular, they can be classified by such parameters:

  1. Materials (metal, wood, plastic, metal-plastic, glass, etc.);
  2. The opening mechanism (swing and sliding);
  3. The protection level (armored and bulletproof);
  4. Functionality (burglary protection, thermal and sound insulation, fire safety), etc.

Armored entrance doors are a special type, which has the main function of protecting the premises from burglary. This type is widespread in apartments and offices, as well as in mansions. The structure of the armored door is made of steel sheets, the thickness is from 2 mm, it is distinguished by the presence of reliable locking mechanisms.

Heat-insulated entrance doors are widely used in private houses when the security function is not a top priority, but a minimum possibility of heat loss is required. A door of this type is energy saving. Although the security level of heat-insulating doors is not at a high level, even in this case, burglary protection is sufficiently ensured.

Technical entrance doors have a very special fire resistance property, which is ensured by high requirements. Such doors do not have a unique and special design. However, you often can find models that you can cover with the membrane or paint in a certain color. Technical doors are a popular choice for offices, industrial facilities, hotels, etc.


Dimensions and Structures

In most cases, the front door is wider than all other doors in the house. As for the design, it can be very diverse, and in this case, the only limitation is the manufacturer’s imagination. The most popular materials for the production of entrance doors are steel, wood, and MDF.

There is no difference between the material of the door and its size, so you can apply the same requirements when choosing. The easiest way is to divide the doors into groups depending on what design they have:

  1. Single-leaf doors are familiar to everyone. Usually, the width of such a door does not exceed 100-110 cm;
  2. Double-leaf doors are usually used in private houses since with a standard opening height, the door width increases by about 1.5-2 times.
  3. Doors with a transom. For such a solution, you will need to increase the height of the doorway.

If the desired option cannot be installed, you need to think about the alternatives. Good luck!

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