Replacing Windows in Ottawa

Step-by-Step Guide How to Replace Windows in Ottawa

Windows replacement is always a challenging time for every Ottawa homeowner. Not only are there a lot of alternatives when it comes to picking the style and material of your new windows, but there are additional factors to consider in order to avoid the most common pitfalls. Want to get the best deal for your money? Read this step-by-step guide and learn everything you need to know about your next window replacement project in Ottawa for example Ecoline Windows Ottawa.

Properly Investigate the Market to Find the Best Window Company

First things first. Before you decide on your future windows’ materials, sizes, and styles, you are to find the best local window company that will help you out with window installation. That is because even the top-rated and best quality windows won’t bring you any benefits if they’re poorly installed. No Canadian homeowner wants to waste tons of money by hiring unreliable or dishonest window installers. Before hiring someone, make sure to thoroughly research the market and evaluate the company you like by checking their website, real customer reviews, certifications, awards and any other information you can find.

For example, Ecoline Windows Ottawa is a reliable window manufacturer that takes care of your installation and guarantees top quality at the best rates. All the products are Canadian-made and are Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested. Moreover, the company has a top-notch in the industry educational blog with hundreds of videos and articles to help you choose a trustworthy company, elaborate on how to select and install windows that fit you the most and many other useful things to consider.


Select the Type of Windows for Your Home

Windows are the essential part of your home since they can be seen from both the inside and outside. That is why they should properly complement both the exterior design of your home and your interior décor. Some of the most popular types of windows include casement, picture, double-hung, sliding and bay&bow. Working with a professional window company in Ottawa, you can also get custom window options of any size and design you like. Going with window replacement that fits your home style is an excellent way to improve your house’s overall look and possibly add value to it.

Think about Frame Materials

Many different materials are used to build the frame and sash of a replacement window. You have many options to choose from, starting with traditional wood, aluminum, fiberglass, composite mixtures or modern vinyl. However, it is worth mentioning that even despite that many choices, when you begin to compare looks, durability, performance and cost, the clear winner would be vinyl windows. The material is strong, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Besides, vinyl offers excellent thermal performance at a cost that can be significantly less than other materials.

Choose the Glazing Which Fits Your Needs and Budget

When it comes to glazing, making a choice is used to be simple – one pane, tempered glass, the decision is made. However, nowadays, you can go far and beyond and create a custom glass “package” that might include two or even three panes of glazing sandwiched round sealed gas chambers that make a stop to energy transfer. You are then welcome to add a Low-E coating to reflect UV rays from the sun and keep heat inside. The great advice here is to pick the most suitable glass package considering your budget. Since the glass surface area is the most significant single component of your window, proper investing in high-performance glass grants you the best opportunity to reduce energy loss and lower energy bills.

Decide on Windows Color

When buyers aim to install wood windows, they are welcome to select their unique colour as long as they are ready to cover the expenses of scraping and painting the frames every several years. But you do not need to paint high-tech vinyl replacement windows. However, there is still a possibility to enjoy a great range of colour options to complement your exterior or interior décor. The good news is that the colour on a vinyl frame won’t fade, chip or flake.

Opt for Convenience Features

New windows are more comfortable to maintain and use. That is why you have plenty of choices when it comes to modern windows features. The most popular add-on options are tilt-in sashes, which allow you to clean the exterior of your brand-new windows from the inside of your house, extra secure locks, handle, and even micro-screens that do an excellent job of keeping out insects but are practically see-through.

Check the Vital Local Sources to Get More Information Before Replacement

It is not a secret that a proper windows replacement and installation requires following local government guidelines and building codes. The window company you deal with should be aware of those and strictly follow all the essentials to properly install your new windows. However, it is always good to know information yourself so you can ask the right questions to your installers and get proper answers. Before replacing your windows in Ottawa, check out the next government sources:

  • Ottawa local building code. This is a governmental site in Ottawa, where you can check everything related to building codes, sizes and permissions you need to replacement windows. Moreover, here you can find the most recent updates on governmental rebates and other local changes to building and renovating purposes.
  • Canadian Standards Association. Top quality windows require professional installation. Your installers should be experienced and ensure they follow CSA window installation standards approved by the Government of Canada.
    Energy Star. Up to 70% of energy is lost because windows or doors, and even more, 90%, of that heat goes away through glass. If you consider your monthly utility bills to be too high, it’s time for replacement windows. You should be sure your new windows are Energy Star-rated and meet all the standards set by this organization.
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